About me

A short story about me and my activities

 Alexander Kostyuchenko  

My name is Alexander Kostyuchenko, although in the creative community I introduce myself as Aeris.

I am a creative 3D artist based in Russia, and I have a passion for creating video games, and I strive to provide the best experience in my work.

My goal is to make everything I put into my work so visually stunning and as fascinating as possible.

I consider myself as a responsible employee and I enjoy working with other people as a team.

My biggest ambition is to be part of a large company where I can further develop and improve my skills at the time I provide them with my trust and responsibility.

In my work, I am inspired by the diversity of mechanical constructions and natural forms.

I am constantly working to improve my skills and is always available for new interesting projects.

For any request, comment, question or any further information don't hesitate to contact me: